Taking control of your rosacea this summer

Earlier this week in my Facebook post I spoke of how common it is for Rosacea sufferers to see an increase in skin flare-ups in the summer. I would like to go into a little more detail about Rosacea itself as it is a condition I suffer from myself. 


Traditionally when a Rosacea case is presented to a dermatologist there will be laser or IPL treatments to collapse the visible capillaries and erythema and a long term antibiotic/ steroid cream will be prescribed that will be applied to the areas affected during flare ups. Cetaphil may be recommended to cleanse and a spf product to moisturize and protect.  

If you go to see an esthetician and you present as a rosacea skin-type you will be offered a  calming facial for the inflammation and redness in your skin and their product lines designed for sensitive skin products will be offered for home use to soothe it. 


There are many reasons why neither approach is going to help address the underlying inflammatory condition holistically and effectively enough to slow down the more rapid aging and scarring that people with this skin condition face.  


Dr. Ben Johnson, the founder of Osmosis Skin Care, contends that the face frequently mirrors internal issues and that most people with rosacea have chronic, smoldering inflammation in their digestive tract that presents on their face with startling amount of accuracy.  Acid reflux and inflammation that is present in the esophagus will present with redness and capillaries on the nose, H. Pylori or gastritis and other stomach issues tend to inflame the area under the nose and in the corners. Small intestinal inflammation caused by IBS or SIBO will present onto the inside portion of cheeks extending into the large intestine area of the the outer cheeks and forehead area where candida, IBS and other bowel conditions tend to cause inflammatory related issues. 


Your body is always speaking to you. These digestive issues and food sensitivities should be investigated and addressed seriously. Long term inflammation in your digestive tract has been linked to chronic health issues including cancers, heart conditions, auto-immune diseases, Alzheimers, type 2 diabetes, etc. Every cell in our bodies has the ability to repair itself and Osmosis Digestive Enzymes and mucus Skin Clarifier, healing supplements and Skin Perfection Elixir, as well as proper dietary choices will assist the internal healing and cure rosacea for good. 


Regardless of the cause, rosacea skin types do need special home care with calming and soothing ingredients. One of the best calming agents available, which I am able to add to home care products and facials is willow herb extract, which has been proven as effective in calming as hydrocortisone without a steroid’s risk of thinning the skin or suppressing the skin’s already taxed immune system. 


But even more importantly, rosacea skin types need significant dermal repair, scar tissue removal and protective barrier improvement.


Chronic long term inflammation in the dermis causes its upper layers to thin more rapidly as the skin’s immune system is burdened and unable to keep up with the remodeling efforts. Nutritional needs in areas of inflammation are also greater. The epidermis above becomes starved resulting in sensitive skin, irritation and dryness. Because of all these conditions, capillaries and blood flow become more visible as the skin responds by increasing blood flow. There is nothing broken about these capillaries present. When you use IPL and lasers to burn the portion of the capillaries in the upper dermal layer that have become visible and collapse them that area will have even less food and immune support, just when it most needs it.


Instead, support dermal repair with ingredients to help it rebuild collagen and remove the scar tissue safely all without further inflaming the skin. Osmosis Rescue epidermal repair serum immediately begins neutralizing inflammation immediately and begins the healing process. Once you’ve used Rescue, you will want it on hand always. Osmosis Catalyst AC-11 and Calm utilize a pharmaceutical grade liposomal delivery system to ensure the safe penetration through the epidermis with no inflammation and can reach the dermis at the higher percentages needed to help stimulate fibroblast repair activity. The form of vitamin A we use, retinaldehyde, is proven to help treat rosacea and has none of the dermal thinning properties or irritation associated with Retin-A and is completely sun-safe. The liposomal delivery itself will enhance your natural protective barrier to reduce sensitivity. 1,3 Beta gluten present in Calm stimulates natural macrophage activity to break down scar tissue as well. Our Protect spf uses micronized zinc to shield the skin safely while calming the skin. 

If you suffer from Rosacea as I do, I can say with confidence that Osmosis will be there to help you have better skin this summer than you ever imagined. I welcome the opportunity to prove it!