Making your skin healthier while delivering the "goods"



The dermis and base layer of the epidermis is where the majority of your aging and skin conditions occur so deep absorption of active skincare ingredients, including collagen and elastin stimulators, is necessary to truly heal and transform your skin.  

By coating our active ingredients with medical grade phosphatidlycholine(PC) a remarkable liposome is created and product penetration rates increase by 600%. Compared that ability to the 2-5% rate of product penetration rates found with other serums means that the majority of what you have putting on your skin has never made it to the dermal repair area in quantities to reverse damage as effectively as it could have have been. 

 When medical grade PC is used as an encapsulation tool, just as it is during transdermal medical prescription delivery in skin patches, higher and deeper penetration rate are ensured. This also means increased efficacy and therapeutic benefits because your active ingredients are kept potent and stable while in the bottle and as they work their way into the skin. It makes perfect sense, PC is a lipid molecule that is naturally already occurring in our skin and is a major component of every cell membrane, allowing our serums ingredients to share the same properties with them and so the liposome is easily allowed into the cell where they release their actives to be used by the cells as repair tools.


Medical grade liposomal delivery also a superior delivery system because it is able to introduce powerful actives into the skin in a very gentle way, unlike the common cosmetic practice of mixing active ingredients into an acidic ph-based serums to break down the skins protective lipid barrier in order to penetrate products into the skin’s layers. This leads to inflammation in the skin that temporarily plumps the skin from the natural wound response and is a short term cosmetic gain that ages the skin with each application. 


Phosphatidylcholine has benefits with its application alone, including boosting your natural skin hydration levels. It provides essential fatty acids, Linoleic Acid and alpha-Linoleic acid to soothe and helps to heal damage more quickly and promotes a healthier natural barrier while reducing free radicals. Clinical studies have shown that it reduces clogged pores after 28 days, just on it’s own! Many clients report less moisturizer is needed with use of our liposomal-delivered Vitamin a serums and Catalyst AC-11.