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Every signature medical-holistic facial spa treatment I offer focuses on feeding the skin to initiate natural repair mechanisms, improved circulation and increased amounts of nutrition to improve skin function. These therapeutic treatments will be adapted to affect your energy in a positive way in order to promote balance and harmony.

Facial massage therapy one to two times a month are encouraged for the best possible results, especially in the the dry air experienced in Park City and Salt Lake City. The initial condition of your epidermis and use of a home product protocol will determine how quickly we can advance your treatments from the Healing Ritual Facial to the Restorative Facial Infusion. The goal of my partnership with you is to get you achieving definitive results as quickly as possible. 

Please click here to find how you can prepare for your first facial with me.

Facial Services Menu

New Client Consultation   $50   (60 minute appointment)

Treatment time: 60 minutes
An introduction offering to get acquainted. I will cleanse your skin to evaluate  it's condition. I'll assess what we are seeing and what hasn't been working. Appropriate treatments and products for your skin type will be discussed to help you achieve your goals. Appropriate serums and moisturizers for your skin will then be applied.

This service is for new clients-one time use only. 

Healing Ritual Facial | $135

Treatment time: 90 minutes
Relax and recharge with this medical grade-holistic skincare nutrients and ingredients delivered with nurturing intent. The first leg on your journey to restored healthy skin. Incredibly pampering and effective bringing stress relief to your everyday life. Skin challenges are documented and will be addressed.

Restorative Facial Infusion | $150

Treatment time: 90 minutes
Once the epidermal barrier is healthy and no longer sensitized, it's time to boost dermal repair and rejuvenate your skin. The first non-acid "peel" in the industry that creates a substantial increase in dermal rebuilding without wounding the skin or creating damaging inflammation. Customized treatments with professional-only concentrated formulas and nano-micro needling increase cell turnover, heal pigmentation, and cleanse toxins with zero downtime or sensitivity. With each monthly Infusion, your skin's condition and health restore more rapidly. No time to treat yourself to a full spa day? This is the treatment to get.

Microcurrent Energy add on | $35

Treatment time: 30 minutes
Microcurrent naturally helps enhance cellular repair mechanisms and ingredient absorption. It's benefits when done as a specialized series can counter and re-educate facial muscle tension and laxity. 

Now in Park City, UT

Eunice Interone Skin Care is now conveniently located in the Pinebrook neighborhood in Park City, UT. I offer facials, body treatments and nail services for women, men and children. Call Eunice at 608-385-2030 to schedule your next facial.