Shedding light on sun protection

In my Facebook post this past week, I listed some simple ways to help keep your skin in a healthier state to help prepare it for summer sun exposure. Just recently I found myself listening to a man explain how he never wore sunscreen when he was outside because it kept his immune system from being strong and that sunscreens were toxic, I was struck at how dangerous it can be to not fully understand all the pieces in play. 


30 minutes of daily UV exposure has been proven to be significantly beneficial for your mental and physical health, including reducing the risk of certain types of cancers and other medical diseases. Vitamin D, nicknamed the sunshine vitamin, which is synthesized upon UVB exposure, boosts the immune system and its deficiency is linked to many diseases and disorders. Studies have shown however that outdoor athletes are still vulnerable to significant Vitamin D deficiencies and that is just one reason of many why dietary and vitamin supplementation is recommended for just about everyone.  Research also clearly proves that UVB directly damages our cellular DNA at the same time it is helping produce vitamin D, resulting in sunburn and overexposure to UVB causes cataracts, decreased immune function and skin cancer. UVA exposure causes similar DNA damage through the production of free radicals and reactive oxygen species resulting in photo aging the skin and can cause cancer. 


It is also important to know about the sun-sensitizing effects of the medications (ie. Birth control, ibuprofen) and supplements that you are taking. Not only will you burn more quickly and easily , but more importantly, significantly more damage is received with exposure which will result in more pronounced aging and higher skin skin cancer risk over time. 


Chemical sunscreens themselves pose serious health issues. Studies from around the world have shown their use increases your risk of malignant melanoma by roughly 70%.  This is due to people having longer sun exposure times when using them and with the ingredients that they employ. Any chemical sunscreens must be reapplied every two hours as the sunscreen ingredients degrade, they begin to produce dangerous and damaging free radicals within the skin, in addition to no longer working as effectively.  One popular medical skin care company class that I attended years ago recommended their clients use an antioxidant serum daily under their chemical sunblock to help protect the skin from the DNA damage that can occur when this happens. I was dumbfounded as to why they continued to rely on using ingredients proven to be dangerous thinking an antioxidant band-aid would make it alright.  Common ingredients found in all chemical sunscreens, including their preservatives, with their continued has been also been shown to result in skin sensitivity issues which point to how they can cause harm to your skin with their use. 

Knowing these things, I firmly believe that chemical sunscreen use inflames your skin and by inhibiting the skin’s response/warning sign that it would normally generate (a sunburn) they allow to receive a significant amount of damage for a longer amount of time (we don’t see a burn so we think we aren’t being hurt and we stay out in the sun longer) and because of that, they should be avoided. I would even go so far as to say that using them is as dangerous for you as using nothing at all. 


There have been amazing innovations in recent years to help you enjoy important time in the sun….in moderation, of course!


Zinc oxide is still the safest, natural, broad-spectrum sunblock to use as it covers a wider range of UVA radiation than it’s counterpart, titanium dioxide. Zinc physically sits on the surface and reflects UV radiation before it induces damage and it does not breakdown with sun exposure. It also has natural anti-inflammatory and astringent properties. The sunscreen Osmosis offers, that I retail and use myself called PROTECT is micronized to be sheer but is non-nano and is also reef-safe (non-polluting) which is something you cannot say about chemical sunscreens. 

Yes you should make it a point of wearing a zinc-based sunscreen on your face everyday as UVA penetrates easily through windows and is present at full strength every single day and all day, unlike UVB which varies in strength and is strongest between 10am to 4 pm. 

I love the additional layer of SPF coverage (and natural evening-out of my complexion) effects I get from my Osmosis mineral pressed foundation which I brush on afterwards.


I do agree that our skin can use antioxidant support to supplement what is already provided within the skin. Our skin cells are designed to be able to handle a certain amount of sun exposure because a healthy immune system repairs UV induced DNA damage and our naturally present antioxidants neutralize free radicals and reactive oxygen species that are generated. But when the natural supply present has been used after about half and hour and the cell’s DNA begins to receive damage it cannot counter against that’s dangerous for the cell. To be able to not only shield our cells from DNA damage with a safe natural sunscreen but to be able to provide them with cellular support is something I am so proud to be able to provide as well.

Our pharmaceutical liposome-delivered vitamin C serum CATALYST AC-11™ contains two revolutionary and exclusively patented technologies that substantially improve the repair of photo-damaged DNA and other cell components.  Zinc Finger Technology™ is research proven to enhance DNA repair and AC-11® enhances DNA repair and aids in cellular healing. Testing has shown an SPF-14 like effect, meaning it prevents sun damage in addition to healing it. Actinic keratoses, acne, hyperpigmentation, lost elasticity, some scarring, wrinkles, visible capillaries …all of these are associated with DNA damage and can be addressed naturally, safely and permanently. Skin tags as well!


Osmosis also offers a radio-frequency sun protection. Just like sound wave frequencies can be neutralized by other sounds, UV waves frequencies can be neutralized. Osmosis has been able to achieve SPF 30 protection with a new internal product that after 20 minutes of being ingested has passed along internally until reaching the surface of the skin to neutralize the harmful effects of UV before it even hits your body. It’s groundbreaking, completely safe and is waterproof even in swimming pools. I’ll never forget when one client excitedly texted me from her tropical vacation who was not burning for the first time in her life but was tanning which was also a first. Even her sister was amazed. The harmonized water is an amazing tool to have available when you or your loved ones are going to be in or on the water, the beach, the golf course and just everyday activities outside. 


Practicing responsible sun exposure is good for you long and short term health and appearance. What I recommend for my clients is to always protect your face, top of ears, neck and décolleté with an application of Catalyst AC-11™ every day followed by our Protect SPF everyday. Allow for 10-15 minutes of unprotected sun exposure of your arms, legs, abdomen and back between the months of May through September to build Vitamin D to get you through the winter months. Zinc sunscreen then needs to be applied to all exposed surfaces that aren't being protected by clothing and do not extend sun exposure time past 2-3 hours per day for a majority of the time and if during the summer if it can be done outside of the 10am to 4pm window when its feasible, you will age so much more gently.