About Eunice Interone

I've practiced esthetics for 20 years; the first nine as lead esthetician at the premier day spa in my hometown of La Crosse and as an esthetic instructor. I filled my non-working hours with online webinars, reading, and traveling across the country taking as many classes as I could to learn advanced spa body treatments, makeup artistry, and advanced medical esthetic training. 

A webinar in 2012 hosted by Dr. Ben Johnson facilitated the change in my career path away from medical esthetics. It was a revelation to hear a Doctor reject the skincare industry standard practices, with their reliance on exfoliation and trauma to get results, which had never made sense to me as being truly healthy. I was able to travel to Chicago to hear Dr. Johnson lecture a few months later and found my passion for skincare renewed. 

 One month later, I had left my place of employment to begin a solo esthetic practice with his medical- holistic skincare and wellness line.

I am so indebted to Dr. Johnson for the creation of Osmosis and his support.  He is available every single day to reach out to for guidance and insight into difficult skin conditions, making sure each of our clients is getting significant results.

  It’s been incredibly rewarding these past 9 years to partner with my clients with this holistic strategy and to see their excitement build as they see their skin continue to repair and improve itself, regardless of age or skin condition.

I look forward to partnering with you soon! 


Eunice Interone, Owner & Esthetician