Achieve Healthier Skin through Medical-Holistic Esthetics

Our bodies are constantly showing us what they need and sometimes the skin's role as an organ of toxin and waste elimination because visibly obvious.  Osmosis Skin Mapping gives us startling accurate insight into internal system imbalances that reflect onto the face, most notably with redness, pigmentation and blemishes-prone conditions. I am able to treat these problems internally at their source with effective detox and wellness strategies and topically with medical-grade holistic products that will not only support the skin's complex immune response to these conditions but also support better health through natural repair.

We also need to recognize that many procedures that have become standard medical-esthetic practice have some serious flaws with how they achieve the results that they claiming.

Wounding the DNA-damaged or age-compromised dermis does not produce natural soft flexible collagen but rather those microscopic holes are filled with quick building scar tissue.

Removing layers of vital protective epidermal skin that has already begun thinning and losing nutritional support since around the age of 25, cannot result in net healthier skin. No studies have proven that peels or microdermabrasion produce dermal thickening.  Protective melanin and vital UV filtering layers are lost, diminished nutrition levels are further taxed, layers of skin that were meant to remain to slow natural moisture loss are gone. You've thinned an area the thickness of 2 sheets of paper with only temporary plumping from inflammation to show for it. Know that inflammation, either from a occasional professional acid peel or from daily use of products containing acids or scrubs will accelerate the skin's aging process, and will reduce the skin's capacity to maintain current collagen density, DNA and barrier health. Pigmentation that was placed there to shield the DNA damaged dermis below will be replaced as quickly as your melanocytes can recover. 

I want to focus on repair using advanced product ingredients, technology and delivery methods that will not compromise the skin but enable it to function and heal better than it was before. Osmosis skincare has been clinically proven to physically improve the health of your skin. It's exciting to see my client's skin changing for the better and my client's are thrilled with their results!